April 28-May4

new recipes I tried this week:

1. Beef & Broccoli— This was super easy all in the crock pot!! Steve, the kids and I loved this meal. Everyone had seconds. The only thing I’d change next time is try to make the sauce thicker. I served it with rice and we had Strawberry Shortcake for dessert!

2. Grilled Island Chicken Kabobs— This was another EASY and DELICIOUS meal. Very easy to prepare– and we all LOVED it. Next time I’d try to prepare some sauce on the side.. for dipping.. but its def not necessary.

Other dinners we had this week:

1. Steve brought home take-out from Wendy’s– The kids had leftover ham, pineapple and yogurt for dinner.

2. Grilled Cheese and Fruit

3. Tacos.

4. Pizza from Papa Johns.