April 1- April13

Week 1:

April 1: Leftovers from Easter Dinner    

April 2: Family Dinner

April 3: Better than Chipotle Bowl   (see note 1 below)

April 4: leftovers

April 5:  Steve and I had Nuggets.. Kids had Bananas, Yogurt, Bread, Granola Bars. More like a snack-y dinner!

April 6: leftovers

Week 2:

April 7: Oven Fajitas (see note 2 below)    

April 8: leftovers, possibly Grilled Cheese and apple slices for kids.

April 9: Cereal and Fruit and Cheese.

April 10: Zucchini, Black Bean and Rice Skillet (see note 3 below)

April 11: leftovers

April 12: Vegetable Pot Pie (see note 4 below)

April 13: Pasta with Zucchini, Tomatoes and Creamy Lemon Yogurt Sauce (see note 5 below) 

I also hope to try: No Bake Choc. Chip Granola Bars  for snacks (see note 6 below) and this Oreo Ice Cream Cake (see note 7 below) for Steve’s birthday.

Side Notes:

1. This was very easy to prepare. Chopping the veggies took the most time, but it wasn’t hard. I didn’t add the jalapeno or cilantro since the littles would be eating it. I thought it was pretty good. Very much like a hearty salsa. Next time I would add more lime juice, lime zest and salt to give more flavor. Stevie ate this on a pita. 

2. Steve really liked this meal. Very simple to make– just chopping vegetables and chicken. We thought the spice mixture was good– but it was missing something to give it more of a kick. Not sure what I would change next time, but Steve said to def make it again. 

3. I’ve made this before.. and it is a great meal. Steve and Stevie loved it.. hopefully Blythe will enjoy it too. It’s very simple, but has great flavor

4. Never tried this before, will update.

5. Never tried this before, will update.

6. These were very easy to make!! They stayed together pretty well.. they came out more like squares when I cut them but I think I made them too thin. Next time I would use a smaller baking dish. Great taste though!

7. I’ve made ice cream cake before, but this is a new recipe, can’t wait to try it!


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