March 3-March 16

Sunday March 3:  Cheesey BBQ Casserole
Monday March 4: Leftovers
Tuesday March 5: Family Dinner
Wednesday March 6: Stromboli (see note 1 below)
Thursday March 7: Pizza Hut for my birthday dinner
Friday March 8: Spaghetti Pie (see note 2 below)
Saturday March 9: Chicken Nuggets (see note 3 below)

Sunday March 10: Leftovers (Care Group Dinner)
Monday March 11: Turkey, Apple, Cheese Quesadillas (see note 4 below)
Tuesday March 12: Family Dinner
Wednesday March 13: Peanut Butter & Jelly and Blueberries
Thursday March 14: Hot Chicken Salad (see note 5 below)
Friday March 15: Take-Out (Steve brought home Wendy’s)
Saturday March 16: Leftovers

I also tried a new muffin recipe: Orange Muffins (see note 6 below)

Side Notes: 

1. The Stromboli recipe is one that my sister gave me. I will try to post that some time. 

2. The Spaghetti Pie was NOT a hit in this house. The only people that didn’t mind it were Blythe and me! So I will NOT be making this one again. 

3. Chicken Nuggets are from Costco. They are Mickey Mouse Chicken nuggets.. Steve and the kids love them!

4. For the Quesadilla’s I added mustard and red onion on mine.. I grilled them in olive oil on medium heat. 

5. The Hot Chicken Salad was good but a few changes I would make: 

a. use a smaller pan, 9 x 13 was too large for the amount of food that actually resulted.

b. I would try to use greek yogurt instead of the mayo next time, to make it more healthy and not as greasy. 

6. The Orange Muffins were good, but more like cake than a muffin. I’m not sure they were worth all the work it took.


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