March 17-March 31

For this two-week meal plan. . I’m feeling pretty brave and it has a lot of new recipes to try.

March 17: Chili Chicken Casserole (doubled per Steve’s request, see note 1 below)
March 18: leftovers
March 19: Family dinner
March 20: Tuscan Sausage Soup (see note 2 below)
March 21: leftovers
March 22: Chicken Nuggets and Apple Slices
March 23: Pot Roast (see note 3 below)

March 24: Steve brought home Wendy’s for us and the kids had scrambled eggs and yogurt for dinner.
March 25: Basil Tomato Garlic Pasta (see note 4 below)
March 26: leftovers
March 27: Nuggets & Annie’s Mac and Cheese
March 28:  Lazy Sunday Casserole (see note 5 below)
March 29: leftovers
March 30: Papa Johns Pizza

March 31:  Easter with family

I  made this Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake (see note 6 below)

and hope to try Nutella Stuffed Brown Butter and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies.  (see note 7 below)

Side Notes:

1. This recipe is from Steve’s Mom and it is one of his favorite meals.

2. This recipe was a hit with both kids. I really liked it too! It wasn’t as hard as I thought. The most time consuming was chopping up the carrots and onions.. but really not hard. You could prep those ingredients the night before etc. I also cut this recipe in half– since it serves 12..and that would be too much for our family of four. But def a keeper in my book!

3.  This recipe was a hit with Steve..but the kids didn’t care for it as much. Stevie ate it, but Blythe only took a few bites. But I would certainly make this again, hopefully the kids will grow to love it. 

4. This was a HUGE hit with the kids. Steve didn’t get to try it b/c he’s working late. But I would make this again– very easy and great flavor!

5. This was very easy to make. I’d def make again.. Stevie Jr didn’t care for it– but Blythe liked it a lot! I thought it was delicious– but wished there was more “sauce” so I might add more chicken broth..or balsamic vinegar next time. Steve also loved it and said we should add it to the meal rotation. 🙂 

6. The Strawberry Yogurt Cake was a huge hit with Steve. He said it’s the type of cake to make when we have company over our house. It was a lot of work, but worth it since he liked it so much!

7. Ok, so these cookies were good.. but I’m not sure they were worth all the work. They were super cookie is totally enough. I ended up freezing half the dough to make another time. The nutella was a nice touch and made the cookies moist in the center. If I made again– I would use less chocolate chips than the recipe called for. So bottom line.. they were good, but a lot of work. 🙂

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